Reach gasoline and diesel prices in different fuel stations in different cities.
You can reach the pharmacies of the day in the provinces and districts. You can get address, phone, location information.
Find stock values, parities and gold, currency and bitcoin prices. Reach many exchange rates and also convert the currency of your choice into Turkish Lira.
7 different countries, according to the main language of the country, general, sports, magazines, such as various topics on the agenda, you can learn what is happening. You can access the news from your source by entering the RSS link.
The service that brings the weather forecast around the world with daily, weekly with high accuracy.
Learn the loan rates of banks and different types of loans, based on general interest rates. The deposit information of banks can also reached.
Find out about the winning numbers in the latest lotto.
Services that show you how much time you have chosen, bringing the prayer times of the city you want.
Services that bring information about the film and the scores of the film by searching on the IMDB site by name or id.
Learn the latest and best-selling books and their prices.